Colorado is Pissed: Part Four- “A Farewell to Arms”


Tomorrow, 1 July 2013, is going to be a sad day for Colorado. The rights of the citizens of this great state are about to be infringed by unconstitutional laws, passed by the State Legislature. This is a state where it is legal to smoke pot, or ride a motorcycle without a helmet. Colorado is the birthplace of the Libertarian Party. However, we are about to lose the freedom to own any more than a fifteen round magazine or transfer weapons without a government background check. I previously discussed how ridiculous and ineffective magazine restrictions are when it comes to keeping people safe. Limits on freedom must be offset by a proven and overwhelming benefit to society. Neither proof, nor benefit exist when it comes to magazine restrictions. I have also discussed the problems inherent with the background check system. These laws will not reduce crime, nor increase public safety. They will erode freedom in Colorado, a place that was remarkable for its personal liberties. After tomorrow, Colorado will be less than what it was. My hope is that Coloradans will not stand for it, but will take back Colorado.

Mrs. and Baby Blackshepherd were out of town for the week, leaving me in a temporary bachelor status. Sadly enough, for me that consists of reading until early in the morning while having one too many homebrews. I know, party animal. In addition to the raucous reading, I elected to make the drive up to Glendale to attend the Free Colorado and Magpul “Farewell to Arms,” event on Saturday evening. This was a unique event, despite cribbing the title of my least favorite Hemingway novel.

 To be frank, this was one last flip of the bird from Magpul to the politicians in Denver before the July 1st magazine ban goes into effect. Magpul donated over 20,000, 30-round magazines to the event, with the proceeds from sales going to Free Colorado’s efforts to fight the new gun laws. I went in order to support the company, check out the scene, and contribute my presence and money to the one-finger salute directed at the Denver state house.

There was a line of people about 800 meters long waiting to get into Infinity Park, which is incidentally the nicest rugby pitch I have seen in America. Local news sources estimate the crowd at around 5,000 people, which sounds about right. Ages seemed to range from eighteen to eighty and there were a lot of families with children. There was lots of pro-gun apparel, people open carrying pistols, and probably many more that were concealed carrying. Once the event started people queued up to buy magazines, Magpul swag, and to join Rocky Mountain Gun Owners. The stands selling barbeque, burgers, and beer also did a booming business. The whole thing had the air of tailgating a sporting event before the game starts, except with guns.

A helicopter flew in to deliver several additional cases of magazines and the keynote speaker, Dana Loesch, a conservative radio host. I had not heard of her before this event but she has been banned from Piers Morgan’s show so she is doing something right. Other speakers were: Glendale Mayor Mike Dunafon, State Senator Greg Brophy, radio personality Michael Brown, Weld County Sheriff John Cooke, and State Senator Ted Harvey. No one had anything particularly earth shaking to say, it was mostly preaching to the choir. I did particularly enjoy listening to Sheriff Cooke who was representing the other Colorado Sheriffs that have filed a lawsuit against the magazine restrictions.

I think I am quoting him verbatim when he said: “These laws are unconstitutional. These laws are unenforceable. These laws hinder our rights, they are knee-jerk reactions. Therefore, since they’re unenforceable, I will not enforce them.” I thought this was the most cogent and strongly worded statement of the evening. It certainly played well with the crowd.

It was an entertaining evening and well worth the drive. Surprisingly, for you gun control advocates not a single person was injured. Despite thousands of armed people milling about the same venue, not a single pistol leapt from its holster and started shooting bystanders. There were no shootouts over parking places. Despite its obvious suitability no duels were fought on the rugby pitch. In fact, people were respectful, polite, and seemed to be having a great time. Weird I know…

Here are a few websites for further perusal: – Again, worth visiting just for the photos and quotes

Rocky Mountain Gun Owners – Organization promoting firearms within the Rockies – Grassroots effort to put magazine capacity restrictions on a Colorado ballot

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