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Not gone, just ranging

Posted in Uncategorized on November 25, 2013 by blackshepherd

Blackshepherd is not gone, just occupied for a bit.

There are times, in my line of work, that require me to be absent for a while. One of those times happened. Then it bumped up against a relocation.

I was taught a long time ago that education is important; it is also expensive. I was also taught that if you can get someone else to pay for your education, then you cannot afford not to let them. This is just such a situation. Someone else offered to pay for me get a Master’s degree. As a result, I packed up Mrs. and Baby Blackshepherd and moved them to California. I know, I did not expect that either. This move necessitated a fair amount of work on my part, hence the absence.

I never expected to live in a place that is so blatantly anti-gun or anti-individual, but here I am.

I have some definite thoughts about the trip out here, and moving to this state of the Union. I am certain that there will be some tales to tell as I get my concealed carry permit and become a lawfully armed citizen of California. There will certainly be some disruption in my regular posting schedule, with school becoming a priority. But, the Blackshepherd is not gone…