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Continuing Attacks on “Stand Your Ground”

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Anti-gun associations have missed no opportunity to degrade so called “Stand Your Ground,” laws. All these laws say, is that an individual has no obligation to flee a deadly threat before responding in kind. An idea that is so much a part of natural law, that it is absurd that our society requires it to be enumerated.

There is a new anti-“Stand Your Ground,” public service announcement released by the “Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.” PSA  One only needs to visit the site of the “Coalition to Stop Gun Violence” to understand their point of view:

This PSA is based upon the emotion surrounding the Trayvon Martin/ George Zimmerman case; and little more. The video shows a highly inaccurate and stylized portrayal of the events surrounding the case. Then uses the generated emotion to denigrate “Stand Your Ground,” laws. This is yet another case of those who are aghast at the idea of average citizens having weapons, using negative emotion in lieu of fact and reason.

I will again, recommend Mike McDaniel’s researched and professional view of events as authoritative. If you have the guts, begin at the beginning:  Trayvon Martin- 1 of 30-something

I could editorialize this thing all night but I have to get up at 3:00am and go to do some real work.

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